We had our Bacon……just!

18 November

A high pressure is sitting uneasily over the UK at the moment,with it dry bright weather the Easterly wind bringing the familiar November chill,normally an easterly signals the end of the carp fishing in the winter as the temperatures plummet to single figures,half what it was last week.Luckily the water takes a little longer to cool down and so today Ben,Charlie and myself got up early (for a sunday) and headed off to our regular pond .

We arrived reasonably early and found the pond devoid of anglers,a stark contrast to yesterday where nearly every swim was taken, once on the bank we made short order of setting up the windbreak and the rods.First call of business was getting the kettle on for hot drinks,this time of day calls for coffee and plenty of it for me,the boys opting for sweet tea,I think it was more for the warmth of the mugs which were wrapped in chilli hands eagerly.

Next it was time for me to cook the bacon,there’s a lot to be said for fresh bacon sandwiches on the waterside,some like sandwiches of cheese ,some like the unholy pot noodle but for me it has to involve a vintage primus stove and bacon ,lots of bacon.

BUGGER IT! as i opened the wrapper of the bacon my heart sank and a ripple of disappointment,in our haste to get out the door we had forgot the frying pan! At this point charlie suggested that we could use the old stew pan we used for our ground bait,i took a look at it,the pan of doom.A thick crust of a weeks groundbait maggot and worm clinging around the rim,the pan of doom was not what I had in mind to cook our bacon in

Ben suggested I empty the contents into a bag and scrub the pan with hot water from the boiled kettle .After three or four minutes it was relatively clean oil added and bacon sizzling nicely in the bottom,a wonderful smell to cheer the heart,maybe with a hint of vanilla groundbait? maybe it was just my imagination.The sarnies were devoured by the boys with some eagerness ,ketchup chins all round.

Now to the business of fishing it was after all what we came for,ben baited with maggot and a swimfeeder and was first to cast out,next was charlie was today on the pole/whip baited with maggot and using a home made perch bob float.Today i was using a feeder like ben fishing a little closer to the bank than i usually do ,following advice from a neighbour who fishes this pond regular.

Charlie was hitting a shoal of small perch straight away which kept him amused with hectic non stop action,for Ben and I it was a little less hectic,perhaps the water temperature had dropped enough to make a difference for the worse.

After an hour or so the ground bait must have stirred the carp out of their lethargy and the came on the feed,Ben landing a mirror carp that could almost have be described as an albino a lovely yellow looking fish,a little later I landed a common carp followed by a Crucian.

Action was thin on the ground during the afternoon ,charlie switching to a feeder set up but having little luck,we all thought the fishing was over,maybe it was just too bright perhaps.As the sun started to sink towards the west sarah arrived and we started to take our rods down,would you believe it within a minute of me chucking an unwanted crust in the pond we all heard the familiar slurp of a carp sucking at the edges of the bread! i had literally just taken my end tackle off,realising this was last chance saloon i tied a hook and grabbed some bread to fish on the top for this carp,second cast the large mirror carp slurped my bait ,seeing me it made a dash for it,game on! The boys hurriedly brought the landing net,this was a good sized carp.

After what seemed like an eternity this fish was staying deep first running left then right ,as it started to come off the bottom,TWANG! it spat the hook,disappointed faces all around ,the boys resigned to there being no last minute fish to end the day returned to our swim to pack up,I thought to myself ,well one more cast won’t hurt.

Line baited with a chunk of bread i tossed it just shy of the far side,about 40 feet or so and pulled it back to withing a few inches of the crust,slurp,i tightened the line and felt the carp nodding his heat from side to side,just a few minutes later the boys helped me land a fine looking Common carp of around the 10lb mark.Photo’s were taken and this last cast fish was returned to the water.

As we made our way home in the warm car the boys excitedly told mum about our day and were asking when could we next go fishing,soon boys soon.


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