6th December 

We had about three hours spare today so charlie and I returned to two counties lake.The weather was mild and a 12 mph south-west wind was blowing in our faces,the odd spot of drizzle but nothing too bad.when we arrived we found we had the whole lake to ourselves.
We soon set up,today choosing to use swimfeeders on the bottom and a size 12 circle hook baited with big juicy European nightcrawler worms,basically a small lob worm,a killer bait for most freshwater fish.
Today we had our own made groundbait too,a mix of breadcrumb,digestive biscuit and pureed worm,it had to be a good groundbait,the water was cold and the fish lethargic.
To say it was a slow few hours would be kind,we managed just a couple of bites between us , however late afternoon my split cane rod bent round hard and i struck and connected to a small yet beautifully scaled mirror carp,no sooner had I put it back then Charlies rod bent round too hesitantly he tightened up the line and connected to a very fine hybrid crucian carp.
A quiet day topped off by two great fish and smiles all around!


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