A bit of Dad and Son time on a local pond.

17th November 2018

My son Ben asked if he could go fishing with me today so we got our kit sorted and headed out to the local pond,with a stiff Easterly wind it was a tad on the cold side ,we arrived mid morning to find the better swims already taken so we decided to fish in the shelter of the blackthorn hedge ,this provided a fair bit of protection and with the bright winter sunbathing us it was quite comfortable.


The fishing was a little challenging to say the least ,i only managed the one crucian hybrid Ben had better luck on a 15 foot elastic whip,his first fish of the day being a good sized gudgeon,a member of the carp family it is the smallest relation too and this would be considered a good sized one,I was a little surprised as normally they are only found in running water,it was a good sign that there as of yet are no pike in this pond as they view gudgeon as a bit of a delicacy!


As the afternoon progressed and the watery sun sank towards the horizon it became quite chillier, I was wishing i had brought a pair of gloves,ben seemed not to notice it,but thats youth for you.

Most of the afternoon was occupied with small Roach,Rudd,Bream and a plague of biblical proportions of small yet perfectly formed Perch.

My dear Lady Wife arrived just in time as it was becoming colder still,i can’t say i wanted ‘one last cast’ today and was very pleased to get in a nice warm car.


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