Bob Bob Bobbin along…..

27th December.

Boxing day was my planned day out fishing,I got up early looked out the door and after taking in as much grey damp foggy weather that i could bare said sod it and promptly went back to bed. the end……

However the following day was a completely different kettle of fish.A high of 9C virtually no wind at all and what there was was from the south west,a mist hung low to the pasture across the road from my cottage ,i took in a deep breath of air and declared today to be fishing day!

Three of my boys were off doing voluntary community work first thing so I was without a ghillie today on the upstroke my dear lady wife was willing to drop me off at my favorite local pond for a bit of piscatorial therapy.

I chose my usual swim facing south,face in the sun ,i was down to tank-top in no time,this was warm in the sun but the fog everytime i breathed out showed otherwise.

A slight mist sat upon the surface ,a slight breeze moving it too and fro,the peace disturbed by a splash and customary call as a moorhen entered the water through the reeds the other side of the pond.

This was near the perfect morning for winter fishing for me.

Soon i had set up and cast out a small home made cage feeder and a hook baited with some fine dendrobaena worm ,rod place on my stix and strike bobbin fitted in place. I hoped the remains of Alans secret groundbait would serve me as well as last week.

After what seemed an age the bobbin twitched as it always does as a coffee is being consumed,i continued to sup the welcome hot drink,then the bobbin shot up and the rod bent around falling from the rest as it did so. I spilt my coffee all don my trousers as i set the cup down with one hand and grabbed the cane rod with the other setting the hook,i held the rod erect waiting to feel if there was a fish or not,then bang bang bang as a fish nodded its head in a very carp like way.line was both begged and bartered i didn’t want to put too much pressure on the light 2lb hooklink,after a short while firstly i saw the swim feeder surface followed by a glint of light off the flanks of a nice fish.Photos taken this piscatorial delight was returned to its home.

This seemed to be it! a good hour and a half passed with little to no bites,the bobbin remained still .Maybe a bit of float fishing would prove better,so i switched to a homemade float set at five feet or so baited with worm.As i settled i realise the sun was glinting off the water very brightly now it was above the tree line,the sort of light that when you look away all you see is green blotches! so i tried the hand,arms ached,i tried squinting through one eye,that hurt too after a while,what could I do? eureka! i made a small shade out of an empty hookling packet attached it to my hat ,now i coud peer with one eye shading the suns glint with the packet! I could now see the float .


After missing some bites I finally connected with a fine winter carp,not sure of the weight but i was very pleased with it all the same,pictures duly taken and the fish returned to the deep of the pond.


things went slow,i set up the top two sections of the roach pole and set it a foot from the bank,i thought a bit of fingerling fun would be amusing,the light reed float dived under with even the smallest perch,i must have caught 20 or more ,as i watched the float again start to slip under the surface i struck,immediately i could tell this was no fingerling,after a brief but fraught time i had landed a lovely small carp,quite the surprise really.

My dear lady wife duly arrived to take me home,she had a quick go bashing mini perch,finally she caught one bigger than the hook so i took a picture!


I am not lying when I say it was good to get into a warm car,as we set off i mused what a wonderful days winter fishing it had been ,as we made our way up the farm track we paused to take a picture of the suns last second before night fall.



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