what a lovely bit of weather today! an edge of high pressure keeping the lows over the continent,this can only mean one thing……fishing!

So Sarah dropped myself and charlie over to gillingham on a stretch of the stour downstream from our last foray.The stour has many faces,last week where we fished the stream was not more than four feet across in places,today it went from 8 feet across to 30 and from 6 inches to six feet in depth.

This part of the stour has seen little attention by the fishing club that own  in years looking at it,many willows fallen across the river here and there,a lot of overhanging branches ,snags and the odd trolley,but here and there there are a few fishable places,one such was a small deep pool where the water circles I was sure this would hold some fish.

We set up eagerly ,charlie getting the hang of setting himself up now takes the pressure off a bit,today he was trotting with a home made goose quill trotting float weighted with 3 BB shot and tipped with a size14 hook with red and white maggots,my set up was pretty much the same but my float was a vintage Hardcork trotting float from the 1960’s.

We fished the pool for a couple of hours in all,it was a nice spot we were north facing with the hot sun on our backs and good shelter from the cold wind,the temp was 6 deg c but to be honest i think it was a jumper warmer that i needed and almost contemplated taking a layer off.

It would appear this short section of the stour was a sort of nature reserve,the odd bench here and there with clearly defined paths.Opposite us was a light copse mostly willow and Alder,the trees were full of small birds,titmice of all the varieties a few robins in need of anger management classes and a few territorial but quiet blackbirds hopping around in the lower branches.The occasional splash caught our attention as a coot or moorhen entered the water calling as they went .
There was on the river a light hatch of Caenis flies which had the smaller fish feeding occasionally,one or two leaving the tell tale bubble of a grayling or two.

Charlie was the first to bank a fish today ,a nice Roach ,the sun glancing off its silver flanks was stunning,a super fish and after pics were taken it was slipped back into the pool where it made for the depth in quick order.Whilst the bites were frequent hooking the fish seemed difficult for both of us,i assumed either the hook was too big for the fish or we were to slow on the strike,i suspected minnows,confirmed minutes later when charlie successfully hooked one of them,soon followed by another Roach.

It was a bout 20 minutes before pick up time that i actually caught i fish ,it was thiiiiiis big,sadly the picture didnt come out ….lol


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