Trotting along lords Walk.

Well what a days fishing we had yesterday,I fancied a bit of grayling action on the Hampshire Avon,instead of choosing a stretch familiar to me like Stratford sub castle or the nadder at harnham i decided to fish a bit that had a good reputation years ago,Lords Walk in Amesbury,the highest coarse fishable stretch of the avon before it becomes the abode of the dryfly snobbery.
back in the day it was a half mile of council owned fishing which meant anyone with a rod license could fish it,known for its grayling and wild brown trout you would think all the fish would have been taken for food but it didn’t seem that way at all,the banks were clear and trees manages.
Oh how things change! in the intervening years the council had given up managing the rivers they owned and had let them to a local fishing club,two things happened,the swims became neglected and the fish disappeared,like it isn’t bad enough that the only free fishing up that far on the Avon became the property of a club but for them to let it get as bad as it is now is terrible,there was no bailiffe,i saw 2 club officials who had never seen us before and didn’t ask to see our tickets or memberships.
Still we managed a couple of small fish,i managed a small brown trout ,too small for a pic but charlie did much better.



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