To be or not to be?

Yesterday was to be fishing day,all planned,we were going to go to a Warminster club water i had visited but not fished before,the night before we pre baited a swim just to help things along.Cut to yesterday AM,charlie and i eagerly packed the kit on and in the car ,we set off early hoping to pop into Steves Tackle on the way for some bait ,about 2 miles out from Warminster my good lady wife announces that the car doesn’t feel right,that sinking feeling set in ,we decided to see if things would pick up as they do with old cars,it didn’t.
having pulled into the supermarket car park in Warminster i took a look under the bonnet,po and splutter,i knew it was firing on three cylinders but that was as far as i knew,having cut my teeth on old jap and brit bikes a lifetime ago modern electronics are another language,one i don’t speak.
5 hours later and £150 lighter the RAC chap had us on our way,sad to say far too late to get to the bank for our planned fishing trip.
So today having left the car packed we set off early for our days fishing,the weather was spectacular,bright and warm with a mild southerly wind blowing warm mediterranean air across the south of the country.
Once set up charlie and I settled in enjoying the warm sun and both down to shirts bfre long.charlie using a float on a roach pole in conjunction with a swim feeder and i set up with a feeder rod and my cane rod for the float.
As i said earlier this was our first session at this venue ,its proximity to the railway line was annoying but in reality there were few trains and what there were charlie enjoyed watching.
The wildlife was something else,over the far side of the lake was a heron stood in anticipation of a fish or two for his breakfast,he didn’t seem to be doing well…..
Over the other side to our left we could hear two woodpeckers hard at work,the hammering interrupted by a parliament of rooks in the pines shouting insults at each other .
Well to cut a long story short we tried really hard but that heron should have been seen as a sign,there were no fish about,maybe the cold of the recent weeks has put them down in the deeper water,one thing was for sure they were not feeding on anything we had and we had nive lobworms and fresh yummy maggots from steves shop.
As the sun fell slowly towards the west we packed up,a little disappointed that we had blanked but the wonderful bright warm day made it not really a big deal,a day well spent and bonding time with charlie is never a waste.

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