Another thing I like to do: float making.

As anyone who knows me will know i like to make things and one of those is making fishing floats,personally i love all the retro stuff,split cane ,old mitchel 206,a centrepin and ot forgetting floats,often i use vintage float patterns as inspiration.

Over the last 150 or so years there has been a plethora of designs,from razzle-dazzle camo on pike floats to simple pirch bobbers,materials as diverse as peacock quills,cork,balsa wood,bamboo,oak-galls,reeds and porcupine quills have all been utilised in making floats.

So amongst my fishing posts will be fishing related tackle that i have made,from floats to swim feeders to lures and flies.

So without further ado may i present todays piscatorial delights.

A pair of Trotters……

I call them Del and Rodney….lol
This is a pair of trotting floats ,my eyes aren’t what they were a decade ago,i struggle to see the shrews whiskers painted orange that pass for floats with many so these two are just the job, big bright and a black tipped for the days when the skies are bright.( And may there be more of them!)
the materials are :
Body (for both): Balsa hand carved not turned.
Stem (Orange trotter) : American walnut.
Stem (sable trotter) : Bamboo.
Both silk whipped.
8 Coats of varnish.

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