Carping on.

Well yesterday Charlie and I made the most of the clock change and went to try out a water new to us,managed by Todber Manor but leased to a local club it was full of potential,little did we realise just how much.
We arrived at silly o’clock ,the wind was an annoying 15knott with gusts ,light cloud but a reasonable 13C,the water was still cold to the touch,of the two lakes we chose the furthest,shielded by some evergreens and lower than the first it afforded some protection from the elements even if they were not as bad as the winter trips we have had.
Once on the water it became clear that other than one old boy we had the place to ourselves.The day before we spoke to renowned match angler and allround piscatorial good guy Ray Webster ,he recommended the best swims for us to fish and some methods which we adapted to fit 1950’s tackle.
Whilst charlie started setting up I went to chat to the other angler,a nice chap as it happens,he said it was a bit slow and that he had been on micro pellet all morning since dawn but had only had a couple of fish.
Upon returning to our chosen swim I chucked some bread in close to the margins up wind.Sluuuuuurp! carp on the feed right at our feet.
Charlie chose a size 4 raptor barbless and crust,well to cut a long story short he landed two carp before I had set up my float rig.The chaffinch in the budding hazel stand behind us was announcing that there were danglers and anglers and this boy was no dangler!
Before lunch charlie had landed 12 carp of sizes from 10+lb down to 5lb,i had managed a few as well on the float on a range of baits from hovis ,sweetcorn to maggot.
I managed to land a small mirror carp that was what appeared to be a melanistic near black and a first for me.


By the time my dear lady wife turned up early eve,backs were aching from fighting fish,a landing net pole snapped and smiles etched permanently on our faces,Charlie managed a final score of 23 carp landed and probably 10 leviathans lost to the mirk,me? well i had a few and some welcome Rudd.
As we packed away our kit I am sure i saw a pipistrelle bat skim the water,too early? not sure but a sign of better weather,longer hours and warm evenings fishing on our chosen ponds.
BTW Charlie is still smiling and reminding us all that he caught more fish than i…….

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